PRESSUREWOUND™ - L7200, ML7200, M7200 or M7200-5

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Alloy 52™ is run through our computer controlled precision rollers in the winding process to create a semi-flat string with great articulation, a mellow tone with less finger noise. Ideal for fretless players that want to be easy on their fingerboards but not give up that roundwound “growl.”


L7200 PRESSUREWOUND™ - Light (37.25" winding) 040-096 PWB40 PWB54 PWB76 PWB96
ML7200 PRESSUREWOUND™ - Medium Light (37.25" winding) 044-102 PWB44 PWB58 PWB80 PWB102
M7200 PRESSUREWOUND™ - Medium (37.25" winding) 044-106 PWB44 PWB62 PWB84 PWB106
M7200-5 PRESSUREWOUND™ - Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) 044-128 PWB44 PWB62 PWB84 PWB106 PWB128
L7200 737681441517
ML7200 737681441531
M7200 737681441524
M7200-5 737681441548
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Manufacturer GHS
upc 737681441517
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