PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - 6 sets at $5.81 each - S305, S315, S325, TM335 or 340

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We've perfected the core-to-cover ratio for increased brightness and flexibility, while doing away with the harsh overtones. The cover wrap gives you a high end shimmer that will last for a long time.

Our GHS Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings feature a special, durable alloy of copper, tin and phosphor wind over a hex core. This combination delivers a long-lasting, rich, and bright tone. Along with a redesigned core-to-cover ratio, this set gives increased brightness and flexibility without all those harsh overtones.


S305 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - Ultra Light 010-046 010 013 1/2 B20 B26 B36 B46 FIND A DEALER
S315 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - Extra Light 011-050 011 014 B22 B30 B38 B50 FIND A DEALER
S325 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - Light 012-054 012 016 B24 B32 B42 B54 FIND A DEALER
S335 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - Standard Medium 013-056 013 017 B26 B36 B46 B56 FIND A DEALER
TM335 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - True Medium 013-056 013 017 B24 B32 B42 B56 FIND A DEALER
340 PHOSPHOR BRONZE 6-STRING - Heavy 014-058 014 018 B28 B38 B48 B58
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Manufacturer GHS
upc 737681447045
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