Meridian Microphone System for Mandolin or Meridian Pro Microphone System

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The Meridian Microphone is an external, unidirectional condenser microphone with extremely smooth sound transmission and amazing feedback rejection. It is recommended for acoustic guitar and mandolin.

The Meridian Microphone has one serious advantage over an internal microphone: it is outside your instrument, where the true sound happens. Internal microphones tend to pick up excessive bass frequencies and, of course, various sound reflections and reverberations that do not represent the true tone of your instrument. An external mic captures the sound as you hear it.

The Meridian Microphone allows for considerable volume even with small acoustic amps. It is the ideal addition for the player who wants to add a high quality clip-on microphone without any alteration to the instrument. With our gooseneck design the mic can be precisely aimed. Point it more towards the soundhole for a bassier tone or towards the body/neck joint for a tighter/brighter sound. Our special gooseneck design guarantees that the mic will stay solid in the position you put it.


We offer specially designed clamps for guitar and mandolin that securely attach the microphone to your instrument.

The guitar clamp is a two-part mechanism that is made from powder-coated stainless steel, well padded with non-skid rubber on the inside, and easily adjustable for different body depths. Additional clamps can be purchased separately if you would like to use the mic with multiple instruments.

The mandolin clamp will fit any A- and F-style mandolin with body depth between 1.75" - 2.25" (44mm to 57mm). Smaller and wider clamps are available by special order.


We offer two preamps with the Meridian Microphone: The Meridian Preamp is a basic preamp that provides power to the mic and features a unique mid frequency control system that lets you dial in a studio quality acoustic guitar tone while holding feedback at bay. The Meridian Pro Preamp provides more control, with 3 band EQ, phase switch, adjustable input gain, line out, and balanced XLR active DI out all in one box.

Here is a sound sample, recorded with the Meridian Mic via a mixing board into a computer. We set bass and treble EQ on the channel and adjusted the midrange on the Meridian Preamp to our liking. There was no further processing done to the track.


Meridian Condenser Microphone
Frequency Range: 30 - 18,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 7 mV/PA/1 kHz
Maximum SPL: 142dB 
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional 
Mic Power requirement: 5-volt DC (supplied by Meridian Preamps) 
Cable length: 8 feet

Meridian Preamp
Input: 1/4" mono with 5 volt DC lavalier mic power supply
Output: XLR active balanced
Midrange control: +/-20 dB - super wide band Q
Power requirements: 12-48 Volt phantom power or 12 volt DC 100mA

Meridian Pro Preamp 
Input: 1/4" mono with 5 volt DC lavalier mic power supply 
Output 1: XLR active balanced - 100 Ohm 
Output 2: Line - 100 Ohm 
Bass control: +/- 20 dB - 100 Hz high pass 
Midrange control: +/-20 dB - 1.5K super wide band Q 
Treble control: +/- 20 dB - 10K 
Power requirements: 12-48 Volt phantom power or 9-volt battery

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