BOOMERS® 12-STRING - 6 sets - $6.50 each - GB-12XL OR GB-12L

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Known as "The Power String", GHS Boomers® continue to make their mark on music across the world. The roundwound guitar set is made with Nickel-Plated steel wrapped tightly around a round core wire. The combination provides the string with its bright characteristic and long-lasting tone.

For over forty years, Boomers® have been THE POWER STRING, and continue to be the standard for musicians in many genres. Known form their bright tone and powerful attack, Boomers® are the ideal nickel-plated steel string for all of your musical needs.

  • Bright, long-lasting tone
  • Suitable for all genres of music

    GB-12XL BOOMERS® 12-STRING - Extra Light 009-040 009, 009 011, 011 016, 008 DY24, 010 DY30, 016 DY40, DY22
    GB-12L BOOMERS® 12-STRING - Light 010-046 010, 010 013, 013 017, 009 DY26, 011 DY36, 017 DY46, DY26

GB-12L 737681030179
GB-12XL 737681003913
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Manufacturer GHS
upc 737681030179
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