Jacks Music Store

Welcome to Jacks Music Store! 

We are a small, independently owned, honest "Mom n Pop" music store since 1984, online since 1995. We select our products for exceptional quality and value. Second tier manufactiing has plateaued with often superior design and manufacturing. We know where the best values are. We're musiicians too, very picky on quality and on a tight budget. We own and administer our dedicated servers and circuits which allows us to protect your information and privacy as if it were our very own with our personal gurarantee. We never share or sell your information. The only cloud here is yours with your music and art.

Everything is free shipping! Delivery is usually within 2-10 days, with the exception of strings. We do not offer expedited shipping. 

A personal touch for last minute gifts, forget a special occasion? Gift certificates too impersonal? We have just the thing for you - Jacks Product Gift Certificate. When you purchase your specially selected item, choose the option of the Product Gift Certificate. You will immediately receive via email a Product Gift Certificate with the name and picture of the selected item, the recipients name, your name and the expected delivery date. No more calling around and paying for expedited shipping. No more disappointment if your item does not arrive in time. Let Jacks make your last minute purchases easier, less expensive and personal.

It's worth the wait: Free Shipping - Null profit on sets of strings - Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery via USPS. Tracking is not provided. Luthiers and Teachers Welcome! No retailers."Jacks the best value on the planet to buy strings"


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